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torchwood see no evil

Torchwood: God Among Us – See No Evil review

Written by John Dorney and released in October 2018, See No Evil is the third episode of the first box set of Torchwood: God Among Us and sees the citizens suddenly all becoming blind with a vicious alien predator on the loose. Whoopsie.

It never ceases to surprise me how Big Finish can take a story idea recently used in Doctor Who and improve on it so much. The Woman Who Fell to Earth had basically the same premise: Alien hunter on earth hunting prey. But what if you turned out all the lights and showed just how difficult fighting something like that would be. This is why I love this story. The whole of Torchwood is blind like the rest of us. They are just as defenceless and we get to see them struggle. Okay, maybe we don’t but you know what I mean.

Since everyone’s blind, there’s not much action for most of the story which means we get a gorgeous character piece with lots of interesting dynamics. You have Yvonne Hartman and Andy Davison on the one side, tackling the alien threat blindfolded. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. You have Jack Harkness and Colin, you have Orr and…actually I’m not quite sure who her partner is, but they’re in there as well. So really you have three plots threads running at the same time. Colin is still grieving over the loss of Mr Colchester. I’m also grieving with you Colin. Jack is there to provide the emotional support he needs and deal with his own guilt over the death of Colchester. Their scenes together on the one hand fit like a glove, but on the other, I can’t say more without spoiling it but there is an element that feels like it doesn’t belong and even after listening to all the episodes, I’m still not sure what it is.

The second thread is Orr and her mystery dance partner who knows more about the mysterious alien god the Sorvix are so scared of. Kudos for progressing the plot in this otherwise filler episode.

And leading the pack is Yvonne and Andy who make a really unlikely team. As unusual as this team up or chemistry is, it works wonderfully and I even ship these two believe it or not. A dominating ice-queen like Yvonne and gullible Andy…it could work right?

In the end, See No Evil corrects a lot of the mistakes from The Woman Who Fell to Earth. By removing humanity’s primary sense, thus injecting the plot with a healthy dose of uncertainty and tension, the episode makes sure the listener is on-guard at all times which is a refreshing feeling to have.