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Twelfth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Toy Review

twelfth doctor sonic screwdriver toy review

In recent years we’ve had a plethora of new sonic screwdriver toys to collect. Most recently, Character Options have released the Twelfth Doctor’s sonic, as first seen in The Husbands of River Song last Christmas. As well as doing my own review of the sonic, I’ve also asked a few people on Whovians Amino what they thought of the new toy.

twelfth doctor sonic screwdriver toy review

On first inspection, the sonic is very elegant. It’s not too heavy and though it’s more plastic than metal, it still feels good to hold. It is well built with a great level of detail to ensure that it matches the on-screen version of the prop. The design itself is quite a big change from previous sonics, with the emitter being the main focus at the top as opposed to a small round light. Because of the ‘clips’ on the sides, it looks as if the sonic extends somehow – as it has always done – but this is not the case, which is quite disappointing.

twelfth doctor sonic screwdriver toy review

Like most children, I suspect, I didn’t bother to read the instructions. I quickly guessed that if you push the button in the centre up, it activates the function. The noise is identical to the on-screen noise and the emitter turned green. Because I could see no other buttons, I thought this was it, which left me somewhat disappointed. However, on inspecting the instructions, I found out there are four different functions: push the button up once, push it up twice, pull it down once, pull it down twice. These actions activate a different sound and lighting for each, with flashing and static blue/green lights. This is a little confusing compared to other sonics that have different buttons for each function.

twelfth doctor sonic screwdriver toy review

Overall, I’d say the Twelfth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver toy is a good accessory for any fan, especially those who wish to cosplay as Capaldi’s Doctor. At £14.99, it’s decent value for money and you will get much joy out of it.

twelfth doctor sonic screwdriver toy review

What did fans on Whovians Amino think?

As I mentioned, I also saw many users talking about the new sonic toy on Whovians Amino and I asked some of them what they thought of it. Click on their names to view their Amino pages.

“I think it looks too flashy. I say this because the handle is sorta steampunk but has holes in between the things sticking out. I also don’t like the emitter at the top because it’s too bulky. It feels weird in you hand. But the button/slider that activates the emitter feels very satisfying to move. I like that they included another colour, but why green? They could have made it red – I’m referring to a Doctor Who comic where the Doctor mentions that his sonic has a red setting, just like River’s.”
Jaison Smith

“When I saw it, I didn’t see a character options toy, I saw a gorgeous prop replica! Upon first glance I thought it looked very plasticy. However in hand, my god does it look good! The best part is no visible battery compartment and no legal information. This shocked me as legal stuff is usually visible on these toys. But the detail is perfect!”
Silver Nemesis

“The sculpt is great and the light features and sounds are well done but the lack of “action features” (such as the extending features of recent sonics and pull down feature on the classic ones) are what let’s this otherwise good piece of merchandise down.”

“I think it looked classy from the moment it flew ‘the force’ style into his hand, I think it looks particularly decorative but in an elegant way and the main thing is it’s such a great contrast to a whole Series of Sonic Sunglasses! I think the BBC may even have had this up their sleeve as a merchandise tactic, go a season without then EVERYONE is going to want to buy the new one!”
Andrew J Newby

“I would say it is a bit to long in terms of design I like the toy version cannot really fault it but I would have preferred its design to be that the emitter part springs out and held in via the clip looking things so you can decrease its length by a few cm and if you want to extend it, click s button the clips unlock and fling it is now the shape of what it looks like now, if you see what I mean.”
Alexander. C

“What a brilliant toy of a brilliant sonic. One of the best we’ve seen.”
Gallifrey Falls No More