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Suzanne says… farewell ‘Doctor Who: Legacy’!

Earlier today, Tiny Rebel Games announced that after 5 years of existence, Doctor Who: Legacy was coming to an end; sad news for gamers who were hoping to see the Thirteenth Doctor joining the long list of characters from the famous gem game.


In their note (you can read a complete version here) Susan and Lee Cummings, also known as the Tiny Rebels, explain that:

Our agreement has ended with the BBC and we have chosen not to attempt another renewal.

It’s the end of an era, but it’s certainly not the end for Tiny Rebel Games!

With Doctor Who: Infinity having launched on Steam and mobile, Whovians still have the opportunity to enjoy gem gaming as well as great stories featuring the Doctor.

Still, there is a general feeling of sadness amongst Whovian gamers, as we all prepare ourselves to play offline. ‘It’s just a game!’ some might say. But ‘Doctor Who: Legacy’ wasn’t just a game. There are fond memories attached to them, and posts such as the following one are flourishing on social media.


To me, Doctor Who: Legacy represents the very first mobile game I ever played. I got a tablet a few years back, and the first thing I did was to check in the app store if there were any Doctor Who games out there. Needless to say that I downloaded Doctor Who: Legacy and started playing straight away, until that terrible day in January 2016, when my tablet stopped working.

On January 27, 2016, I told the world (or at least Twitter users) how sad I felt about not being able to play any more, and to my huge surprise, someone from the team of Doctor Who: Legacy reached out to me, and tried to help me out. This was much unexpected, and I realized that behind this game were truly dedicated people.

This was my first encounter with the team behind Doctor Who: Legacy, and as you can see, it made quite an impression on me!

Today, as we mourn the end of an era, let’s consider this: is it really an end, or does it sound more like something we Whovians are quite familiar with?

To me, it feels like Doctor Who: Legacy is regenerating into Doctor Who: Infinity, and while it’s always sad to say goodbye to a Doctor and welcome another, there is a certain amount of joy following each regeneration. With the promise that we, Whovian gamers, will get some great new stories in Spring, let’s rejoice and wish Tiny Rebel Games all the best for Doctor Who: Infinity, as well as for their upcoming projects!

In the meantime, feel free to share your fondest memories of playing Doctor Who: Legacy in the comment section!