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Suzanne says… is Doctor Who fashionable?

With Doctor Who’s new outfit revealed last week, Whovians got a first glimpse of the Thirteenth Doctor (and her new TARDIS). They instantly started to study the Doctor’s choice of clothing, pinpointing the similarities with her previous incarnations.

Seeing the posts flourish about the Doctor’s new outfit, I couldn’t help but remember the Fourth and the Seventh Doctor trying on various clothes in front of an audience until they eventually settled on one set of clothes.

With that picture in mind, I started playing with the idea that the Doctor is fashionable… in his own way. Each regeneration is a traumatic experience resulting in the Doctor being confused. While the Doctor is busy to collect pieces of his identity or gather his memories, finding adequate clothes is certainly not his priority. And yet, he somehow manages to find clothes that match his persona. One can be alien but still fashionable, right?

After all the time he has spent on Earth, why wouldn’t the Doctor settle for something everyone else wears at the period he finds himself in? Wouldn’t it be easier to pick something casual until the regeneration process is over? Of course not. His clothes must reflect his eccentricity; there is no way the Doctor can dress like anyone else.

Oh, so you’re my replacements. A dandy and a clown. (The First Doctor in The Three Doctors)

This summarises everything about the Doctor’s way of dressing. While the First Doctor inspired respect because of his old age and old fashioned clothes, his next regeneration takes the counterpart while the next one makes an attempt to restore the initial gentlemanly appearance. In fact, there is clearly a pattern in Doctor Who’s wardrobe. He is a dandy and a clown at the same time. Take Six for instance. He wears a waistcoat and Victorian necktie, but he definitively looks like a clown!

By revealing the Thirteenth Doctor outfit, the BBC clearly acknowledges the fact that the Doctor’s fashion has become a proper part of the TV show and this is quite interesting if you consider that we seem more interested in the way the new Doctor will be dressed than in her persona. Will she still be fond of Earth?

Now that the Doctor has a woman’s face, I would really like to see her struggle like the rest of us women do. Like for instance: get respected, believed or listened to. Because let’s be honest here, equality is a lovely word, but it’s just that. A word that still needs a lot of actions to be taken so it becomes a reality. So if the new Doctor could show that reality by experiencing a small part of what we experience on a regular basis, then by all means, I’ll admit that I was wrong in being disappointed to see the Doctor regenerate into a woman.