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Suzanne says… it’s good to be back

Did you think I had nothing more to say about Doctor Who? Sure, it has been a while since I wrote here, but there is always something to say about our beloved Doctor! And after a few months of hiatus, I’m back for Season 2 of those opinion articles. So, what did trigger my return, you might wonder… Well, it’s just that I watched the Charmed reboot trailer and suddenly I felt the urge to share some thoughts with you.

I’m from a generation that was lucky enough to be able to watch some great shows on TV when they were aired for the first time – in my country, that is, so considering it took some of them a few years to reach me, I’m not *that* old! – including The A-team, Battlestar Galactica, Starsky and Hutch, MacGyver, and Charmed to name a few. So, of course, when I came across the news that there was going to be a reboot of Charmed, I was eager to reconnect with the teenager I was back when Charmed was on TV.

But let’s face it: there is a reason why Doctor Who is the only one who can actually stand time travel and make it look so cool. Whatever you might think, a reboot is nothing like a time travel. It’s simply a rewriting of a famous show from the past into a not so famous show in the present. I should know better, having being disappointed by said reboots multiple times already. But call me a hopeless optimist; I always hope to be impressed by a ghost from the past. After all, I’m still half hoping for a Classic Who reboot featuring David Bradley!

So what is the link between a Charmed reboot and Doctor Who?

None really, except for the fact that it helps illustrate how todays pool of ideas for great TV shows is getting poorer by the minute. On one side we have a 55 years old show that still manages to gather fans and on the other side, we have an attempt to reach out to old fans with the hope to gain new ones based on what could be considered today as a “vintage” show.

And now, let me point out something quite interesting about Doctor Who. Back in 2005, a reboot could have been the best and easiest solution to relaunch the show. But instead of rewriting an old show and its stories, instead of disguising it behind some modernity, Doctor Who was converted into a modern show and got to live on, not as a reboot, but as continuity of the show it had been.

And that’s why Doctor Who is so amazing (well, that’s one reason, anyway). It’s the story of a time traveller who managed to travel 55 years accompanied by fans from the earliest days as well as younger (and new) fans who discovered the show in 2005 and after. It’s not a reboot, it’s better than a reboot. It succeeded in doing what reboots were meant to do, while still being an original show that simply adjusted to the expectation of the society and the market as time went by.

So, instead of watching some reboot of a famous show, why don’t you watch an old show that is still very much alive? Who needs a reboot when we have Doctor Who?