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Suzanne says… what if Doctor Who got cancelled?

I was surfing on Twitter, searching for some inspiration for the present article, when I came across a rather interesting tweet. Suddenly I knew what I was going to write about!

The tweet was sharing an opinion on what would happen and how fans would react if, heaven forbid, our favourite show was cancelled for whatever reason.

Here’s what the argument was:

You know what would be the worst part about the BBC cancelling Doctor Who? The endless barrage of frankly useless petitions from fans trying to get it put back on TV. It’s the BBC’s decision, if they think the show has run its course then it has, it came back once maybe it will come back again…deal with it!

That post got me thinking about such a possibility and it threw me back in the past, when Doctor Who actually got cancelled. Despite our love for Doctor Who, its goal is to entertain us, but at the same time, it is a tool to gain money. So, once upon a time, Doctor Who got cancelled because some people decided that it wasn’t popular enough/didn’t bring enough money/had made its time. But guess what? Doctor Who came back, thanks to whom? Fans.

Let’s face it: the day Doctor Who loses its fans, it will be the end of the show. The past two decades have seen an increase in comic cons everywhere around the world, events that allow fans to meet their favourite actors/producers/directors/artist. The existence of those events proves one thing. While decades ago television and cinema were powerful medias that basically influenced the masses in terms of entertainment, now the masses have a say in the matter. Fans are powerful. So much in fact, that talented ones actively contributed to the “resurrection” of Doctor Who! Those “useless petitions from fans” sometimes happen to get the expected result. Some shows are known to have been (temporarily) saved, thanks to fans who worked hard to influence television.

Isn’t it fair to assume that if the BBC expects fans to buy a lot of Doctor Who merchandise therefore effectively making a lot of money, then the fans should have a say in the fate of the show? It’s not that different from a partnership. Everyone is working to make things work. The BBC provides us with entertainment and merchandise while in return we happily start a Doctor Who collection, spending a lot of money on useless stuff!

I truly don’t believe in the end of Doctor Who. Why would the BBC kill the goose that laid the golden eggs? But then again, and for that I agree with the tweet: it’s the BBC’s decision. And considering that bad decisions are taken every day about far more important topics, we shouldn’t feel safe. One day, maybe, Doctor Who will disappear again. And then we will experience what fans from the first hour went through. But let’s keep positive and remember the MCU’s closing credits, paraphrasing slightly to suit our superhero:

Doctor Who will return