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Suzanne says…I wish I lived in the UK!

It’s not easy to be a fan these days. One might argue that internet and social networks made it much easier for fans to indulge in their passion and in a way, they are probably right. But being a fan can be quite frustrating sometimes…

Doctor Who has become a global phenomenon, especially in recent years, with world tours and simulcasts. Trailers are now shown at San Diego Comic Con in America before they’re shown in the UK – where the show is made! So with the show growing and becoming globally popular, there are even more fans across the world.

Being a fan of a TV show means that you actually watch said TV show and love it to the point where you now introduce yourself like this: “Hi, I’m Suzanne and I’m a Whovian.” But what if you live in a foreign country that doesn’t air that TV show (on a regular basis)? Yes, some fans struggle to Watch Doctor Who episodes and sometimes they even struggle to get the DVDs too, not to mention merchandise!

Let’s face it, Doctor Who has become a marketing value and us Whovians are easy targets. We love our hero so much that we find it hard to resist. We want the latest screwdriver replica, we want that beautiful figurine… but what we don’t want are over the top shipping costs! And sadly, that’s what we usually get. Being a Whovian is already expensive when you live in the UK, but it gets incredibly expensive depending on which part of the world you live in.

And what about the comic cons and other conventions? I can already see tears in some of the readers’ eyes. Which fan hasn’t dreamt of meeting the Doctor or his companion(s) in the flesh? Despite the fact that we love Doctor Who as a whole entity, we can’t resist the idea of meeting with the cast and make our dream come true, even if we know that it’s just a show and that Tom Baker or Peter Capaldi aren’t the real incarnations of the Doctor (or are they?). Conventions and comic cons have spread over the years, allowing fans to meet with their favourite actors, but not everyone can afford those conventions, let alone travel hundreds or thousands of kilometres for a few minutes of pure (fan) happiness.

Yes, sometimes I dream that I lived in the UK, because I would be able to save the money I spend on shipping costs and spend it in Doctor Who memorabilia. I wish I lived in the UK because it would be easier to watch my favourite show at the time it’s aired. I wish I lived in the UK because I could attend conventions and meet the actors.

Oh, and I wish I lived in Cardiff so I could go to the filming locations and watch the creating process of Doctor Who!

Dreams. Don’t they define us Whovians? Being a fan of a science-fiction show already means that our mind is ready to welcome creative imagination. So I wonder: do the fans without the kind of frustrations I enounced above dream the same way I do? Do they wish it were a little harder to get the latest Doctor Who item so they could cherish it as a treasure the same way I do?

I sincerely believe that all Whovians share the same dream. They enjoy Doctor Who (almost in) the same way and the fact that some of them have an easy access to objects, film locations, or conventions doesn’t change a thing. In the end, they will still dream about the time when they can meet with actors or hold that screwdriver replica, and they will be excited about the new series the same way I do.

But… I still wish I lived in the UK, because I could introduce myself such as:

“Hi, I’m Suzanne and I’m a Whovian.”

…and I wouldn’t get the usual reply:

“A what?”

Because let’s face it. Being a fan of an UK show and living outside the UK doesn’t make things very easy when you’re desperate to talk about it.