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Suzanne says…it’s a small world

This title might remind you of a famous song that has a certain influence over this article’s topic. So, what is it about? It’s about us being all different and yet very similar. It’s about us accepting our differences, and in today’s society this proves to be a bigger challenge every day.

As it happens, this topic is well-known from Whovians since the 1960s. The idea that an alien would love a planet so much that he would come as often as possible to help and protect its inhabitants is a call for tolerance!

One could wonder why the Doctor feels attracted to Earth, considering that he can travel through the whole universe. He is faced with an infinity of possibilities and yet he keeps coming back, looking after Earthlings, enjoying their company (by turning them into companions most of the time).

This old alien who has seen it all (almost) has a weak spot for a planet as blue as his TARDIS… and maybe that’s why he keeps coming back, his TARDIS might just fit in if he is lucky enough to pick the right place and time!

When the Fourth Doctor claims that Earth is “his home from home” (The Devil’s Armada), I can’t help but think about Gallifrey, that is quite different from Earth in many aspects. But let’s forget about the planet and let’s think about the society. Is Gallifrey really that different from Earth? Gallifreyans are well advanced (they even master space and time travel), but deep within, they aren’t very different. Power, economy and politics rule Gallifrey just like it does Earth. And maybe that’s why the Doctor keeps coming. He is in familiar grounds, he knows how things work and despite his behaving a bit strangely for Earthlings, he manages to blend in. Take the Third Doctor for instance: as much as he despises the military, he still works for U.N.I.T!

This tells us a very important thing about the Doctor: to him, we are all similar. His experience gives him a perspective that we couldn’t even begin to understand. He sees the (very) big picture, aka the universe, while we struggle to see the world.

And that’s why we should sit back and try to open our mind. Whovians usually refer to the Doctor as a guide of sorts, because of the message of peace and tolerance he conveys. But how many try to respect this message? Sure thing, Doctor Who is a science fiction TV show. Sure thing, it’s meant to entertain the masses (and bring a lot of money to the BBC). But does it mean that we should ignore what we see and hear? Can’t we take the best of Doctor Who and use it to become better people?

This is probably the biggest challenge of all: allowing a TV show to help us take some responsible actions. Peace and tolerance. There is nothing entertaining about it. And if Doctor Who inspires you to apply them into your daily life, then it’s no longer science fiction, it becomes the best reality show ever!