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Three Doctor Who Episodes Nominated For Hugo Award

Good news! Three Doctor Who episodes have been nominated for a 2012 Hugo Award in the “Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form” category. The episodes are The Doctor’s Wife, The Girl Who Waited and A Good Man Goes to War, written by Neil Gaiman, Tom MacRae and Steven Moffat respectively Full nominations can be seen below:…

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A Good Man Goes To War – AI Figure

The mid series finale A Good Man Goes To War scored an Appreciation Index, or AI score of 88, the joint highest of the series so far. The AI is a measure of how much the audience enjoyed the episode. The score was the highest of the day on the two main channels with only Dad’s…

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A Good Man Goes To War – Overnight Ratings

The unofficial overnight ratings for last nights mid-series finale’A Good Man Goes To War’ have now been revealed. The figures show that the episode was watched by 5.5 million live, that’s half a million up on last weeks figures for ‘The Almost People’. Many viewers thought that the ratings would drop with all the other…

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A Good Man Goes To War – Digital Spy Ten Teasers

1. Remember not to interact with the headless monks (without divine permission) 2. “Oh turn it off. I’m breaking in, not out!” 3. The Doctor calls on favours from a number of familiar faces 4. “They don’t put up a balloon or anything!” 5. A line from a previous episode takes on a new significance.…

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A Good Man Goes To War – Cult Box Ten Teasers

» The Sontarans, Judoon, Silurians and Cybermen are all back. » Simon Fisher-Becker returns as big blue Dorium Maldavar, last seen with River Song in ‘The Pandorica Opens’. » Karen Gillan has told Radio Times that “we discover who River Song really is” and “it’s such a huge pay-off, I didn’t see it coming”. »…

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