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Doctor Who: Velocity reimagines classic villains

Davros and the Daleks get a whole new look in Doctor Who: Velocity’s second installment. The American Doctor Who fan series is giving some classic Who villains a modern twist in their highly anticipated episode two. The Gallifrey Times covered this popular online American fan series after the high praise of internet whovians over the…

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Doctor Who: Velocity is getting an Episode Two

Fan made Doctor Who: Velocity has received a lot of love from the whovian community online since its release of episode one in October. Now fans have a second episode to look forward to. The fan made series was filmed in Idaho, USA with a local cast and stars Krystal Moore in the role of…

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Doctor Who: The Pilot To Be Shown In U.S. Cinemas

Selected cinemas across the U.S. will be showing the Series 10 – in a double-bill with spin-off, Class – on 17th and 19th April. Come together with fellow fans to celebrate the return of Doctor Who! Two worlds collide with the Doctor meets Bill. A chance encounter with a girl with a star in her…

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Disney XD To Air Episodes of Doctor Who Starting In May

Disney XD has obtained the rights to air Doctor Who series 2 in the US. Previously, the show had aired on BBC America in the US, and Space in Canada. This will introduce the adventures of the Doctor to a new audience of people who may never have seen the series before, especially children. The…

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Moffat on Doctor Who’s Popularity in America

Seven Moffat has claimed to know the secret behind Doctor Who‘s popularity in America. Moffat attributed the show’s recent success on BBC America (with the promotional world tour heading to New York this August) to the show’s ‘Britishness’, stating: ‘If Americans choose to watch a British show they’ll want it to feel British’  Moffat also…

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Doctor Who’s American Fans Plan To Turn New York TARDIS Blue

New York has featured heavily in storylines from the new series of Doctor Who, and now American fans want to turn the iconic Empire State Building a dazzling shade of TARDIS blue to celebrate the upcoming 50th anniversary of the show. Fan club NY Sci Fi & Fantasy have launched a petition on, and…

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