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Series 11 Episode 3 title and synopsis released

doctor who rosa parks bus

Despite series 11 now underway, we still don’t know the majority of the episode titles, thanks to Chibnall’s super secrecy. However, the BBC have now announced the title of episode 3, which is called Rosa.  The episode is written by acclaimed children’s author Malorie Blackman –  who wrote a short story for the Doctor Who 12 Doctor’s…

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New Book Released and Three More Announced

the women who lived

It’ s a good day for avid readers of Whovian books. Firstly, The Women Who Lived is now available to buy.  Secondly, the BBC have released the covers of 3 new novels featuring the Thirteenth Doctor which will be released late October. The Women Who Lived Written by YouTube’s The Fan Show’s host Christel Dee and…

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The BBC takes legal action to investigate leaked footage incident

For those that missed it, a clip from Series 11 showing Jodie Whittaker in action as the Thirteenth Doctor was recently leaked online. It has since been taken down, but the BBC are still not happy. As we know, Chris Chibnall in particular is very strict on his ‘no spoilers’ rule, hoping fans will be…

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Earn hands on experience working on Doctor Who

Many fans dream of one day working on Doctor Who. That dream can become a reality, but act fast! This is the last chance to put your hat into the ring for the BBC Studios’ seven week training and development opportunity in working on Doctor Who.  This exclusive opportunity is aimed toward people with limited…

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Thirteenth Doctor Expected to be a Super Smart Force of Nature

CREDIT: Rii Schroer As we slowly inch our way closer to the Autumn premiere of series 11 of Doctor Who, many people are curious to know what sort of personality we can expect with the newly regenerated thirteenth Doctor. The 2018 BBC Worldwide Showcase summary of Doctor Who series 11 may have given us a…

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Suzanne says… is Doctor Who fashionable?

With Doctor Who’s new outfit revealed last week, Whovians got a first glimpse of the Thirteenth Doctor (and her new TARDIS). They instantly started to study the Doctor’s choice of clothing, pinpointing the similarities with her previous incarnations. Seeing the posts flourish about the Doctor’s new outfit, I couldn’t help but remember the Fourth and…

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Suzanne says… this might be emotional blackmail

With some classic episodes lost or missing, Doctor Who has become some sort of a television legend. Not every show has its own Indiana Jones travelling the world looking for tapes of the missing episodes! Reconstruction works based on audio and stills also gave a scent of “lost treasure” to Doctor Who. But as many…

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Suzanne says… what if Doctor Who got cancelled?

I was surfing on Twitter, searching for some inspiration for the present article, when I came across a rather interesting tweet. Suddenly I knew what I was going to write about! The tweet was sharing an opinion on what would happen and how fans would react if, heaven forbid, our favourite show was cancelled for…

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Suzanne says…it’s a small world

This title might remind you of a famous song that has a certain influence over this article’s topic. So, what is it about? It’s about us being all different and yet very similar. It’s about us accepting our differences, and in today’s society this proves to be a bigger challenge every day. As it happens,…

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Suzanne says… do we want another spin off?

Isn’t it tempting to imagine spin offs from your favourite shows starring your favourite characters? Doctor Who has certainly done that in the past, but not all have been successful. I confess I love spin offs, for various reasons. First, because I can enjoy another part of an universe I enjoy. Second, because said universe…

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