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Big Finish’s 12 Days of Finishmas offers

Unhappy with your holiday gifts this year? Why not get a special gift for yourself, or for someone else? Big Finish’s 12 Days of Finishmas has a special offer for Gallifrey: Series One, but fans only have a few days to take advantage. Gallifrey Big Finish is offering the first four stories in the Gallirey:…

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Captain John Hart returns for Big Finish audio adventures

captain john hart

Big Finish have brought back many fan favourite characters over the years and now they’re reviving a much loved character from the spin-off show Torchwood. James Marsters, who played Captain John Hart, will return for his own series of Big Finish audio adventures, to be released in January 2020. The charming (but deadly) captain will feature…

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Rose Tyler returns in Big Finish audios

rose tyler dimension cannon

Big Finish has seen many characters from the show brought back to life for new adventures, and now it’s the turn of one of a certain companion from the Powell Estate. After reprising the role of Rose Tyler for the Tenth Doctor Adventures, Billie Piper will now play the character in her own spin-off series.…

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Torchwood: God Among Us – See No Evil review

torchwood see no evil

Written by John Dorney and released in October 2018, See No Evil is the third episode of the first box set of Torchwood: God Among Us and sees the citizens suddenly all becoming blind with a vicious alien predator on the loose. Whoopsie. It never ceases to surprise me how Big Finish can take a…

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Peter Davison and Georgia Tennant team up for Big Finish adventure

doctor who jenny big finish georgia tennant

As part of Big Finish’s 20th anniversary, The Doctor will be reunited with his daughter in an exciting new ‘epic’ audio adventure. Georgia Tennant will reprise her role of Jenny – the Doctor’s daughter who first appeared in 2008’s The Doctor’s Daughter – opposite her real-life father, Peter Davision, who plays the Fifth Doctor. Written…

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Torcwhood: God Among Us – Future Pain review

torchwood future pain

Written by James Goss and released in October 2018, Future Pain is the first episode of the first box set of Torchwood: God Among Us, also known as Torchwood, Series 6. The series carries on a few days after Aliens Among us and opens with a death and the consequences of being alive working for…

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Rhianne Starbuck discusses the Star Beast

Actress Rhianne Starbuck will be playing Sharon Davies along side Tom Baker’s fourth Doctor. Due to release March 2019, this new retelling of Doctor Who is a comic strip adaption featuring the popular companion. Star Beast is a modern take on the classic comic story that first introduced her to the Whoniverse. Big Finish recently…

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