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Doctor Who: Filming Begins On Block 2

The BBC has released a photo today of filming for series 9, confirming that block 2 of the series is well underway. As previously revealed, director Hettie McDonald (director of 2007’s perennially popular “Blink”) has returned, and is helming the episode currently being filmed. A larger version of the thumbnail image can be found below.…

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Doctor Who Fans Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

For the 50th anniversary of the world’s longest running science fiction show, three London based filmmakers have got together to produce a new documentary about examining how the face of Doctor Who fandom has changed since the series returned to TV screens in 2005. Doctor Who has entertained fans for five decades. Many fans who…

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Steve Hughes Speaks To Blogtor Who

Director, Steve Huges has spoken to Blogtor Who about ‘Closing Time’ which he directed. Thanks to Blogtor Who for the text below: Speaking to Blogtor, Hughes revealed that Closing Time is “very funny,” explaining, “Matt [Smith] and James [Corden] are a great double act. It’s like Abbot and Costello meet the Cybermen, sort of. Matt…

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