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Ninth Doctor version of Day of the Doctor script released for charity

Whilst the 50th Anniversary special, Day of the Doctor, paired up two NuWho Doctors and brought us a brand new War Doctor, fans were still disappointed not to see Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor. However, now we can find out what the episode would’ve been like had he have been in it. Steven Moffat’s original first…

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The Temporal Logbook Released For Charity

A new book of unofficial short stories has been written by a group of new and upcoming writers. The collection features twelve stories – one for each Doctor – and will be published by Pencil Tip Publishing, with all proceeds going to Positive Living Society of British Columbia, a charity dedicated to helping people cope living…

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Write a Doctor Who Short Story!

Pseudoscope Publishing are running a charity project where you can write your own Doctor Who short story and have it published. The project, titled Time Shadows: Into Abyss, will be edited by Matt Grady and Sam Gibb and all contributors will receive a printed copy of the anthology. The synopsis reads: Over 2,000 years, the Doctor…

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Classic Doctor Who Stars Uniting For Charity Convention

Bedford Who Charity Con is on a mission to raise money for the local homeless, and they’re doing it by bringing together some Classic Doctor Who actors and crew! Guests for the convention include Nicola Bryant, Sophie Aldred, Anneke Wills, John Leeson, Terry Molloy, Mike Tucker, Paul Cornell, and choreographer Ailsa Berk. The proceeds from…

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Doctor Who Confirmed For Children in Need 2014

It’s been confirmed that Doctor Who will once again make an appearance on the BBC’s annual charity telethon, Children in Need, this November. A press release from the BBC states: There will also be performances from the West End’s hit musicals Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Made in Dagenham, Once and Sunny Afternoon. Plus the…

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