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Suzanne says… that was quite unexpected

If you haven’t watched the Christmas special already, then you might want to skip reading this article and save it for later, when you have watched Twice Upon a Time. Yes, there are spoilers ahead! It’s over. While some people spend December eating the daily chocolate they find in their Advent Calendar, Whovians spend it…

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David Bradley talks Doctor Who & Twice Upon a Time

Fans are excited about the return of the first Doctor in this year’s Christmas special but what does actor David Bradley have to say about all this wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff? David Bradley first put on the iconic costume for the first Doctor when he portrayed legendary actor William Hartnell in An Adventure in…

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Toby Whithouse appears in Doctor Who Christmas trailer

There has been a lot of talk about Doctor Who writer Mark Gatiss appearing in the Christmas special this year. However, he isn’t the only writer to have added himself into the episode. Mark Gatiss has written himself into 5 episodes and plays 4 different characters in Doctor Who. Seeing the popular writer in one…

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Doctor Who Christmas Special in US Cinemas 27th Dec

Doctor Who fans in the United States will have the opportunity to see the Doctor Who 2017 Christmas Special: Twice Upon a Time in Cinemas December 27th at 7PM local time.   This year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special will be extra special as not only are we seeing the departure of the 12th Doctor played by…

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BBC To Launch Doctor Who Christmas DVD Boxed Set

A new boxed set of DVDs is soon to be launched by the BBC which features all the Christmas episodes of Doctor Who to date. The Ten Christmas Specials will be available from the 19th October on Blu-Ray and DVD. Here are some further details about the content: ‘Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Doctor Who!…

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Cameron Strefford Joins Doctor Who Christmas Special

Child actor Cameron Strefford (Les Miserables) has recently been announced to appear in this year’s Christmas Special. Very little is known of the 10 year old’s role in the episode; though apparently he does not appear alongside Matt Smith in his scenes, possibly hinting at him being the younger version of a character in a…

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