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Discussing new companions Ryan & Yasmin

Doctor and Companions

Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole will join the Tardis team for the Doctor’s new incarnation in Series 11 of Doctor Who. Just who are these new companions and how easily will viewers be able to relate to them? The Doctor does tend to attract the people who need the Doctor most. To understand why these…

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Moffat discusses the future of Doctor Who

Love him or hate him, Steven Moffat has a lot of Doctor Who experience and has had a hand in guiding the show into becoming what it is today. With a new show runner taking over, many people are unsure as to what we can expect for the future of Doctor Who. Moffat has recently…

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The Gallifrey Times team’s reactions to the new companions

It was recently announced that Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole will be joining the show as the new companions – Graham, Yasmin and Ryan, respectively – opposite Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor. Now the excitement has settled and we’ve had time to discuss the news and develop our opinions, here’s our team’s initial reactions…

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TGT Podcast Episode 3 – Start The Clock

tgt podcast the gallifrey times doctor who

It’s Halloween, so this week, we’re turning our attention to a classic monster both in Halloween tradition and Doctor Who history: the mummy! In this week’s podcast, we discuss Jamie Mathieson’s Doctor Who debut, Mummy on the Orient Express. We’ll also be looking at the highlights in the news and sharing our views on the…

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Suzanne says… let’s talk about the future

The cast of Doctor Who series 11 has been revealed earlier this week, provoking reactions all around the web. This morning one reaction reached my office, when a former trainee rushed in and asked me “what do you think about the new companions?” I was working on an historical research about Celtic flagons that had…

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Doctor Who Series 11 cast announced

The wait is over, BBC has officially announced the new cast to join Whittaker in the TARDIS for series 11.  The tweet announcing the cast has thousands of likes from fans all over the world since its posting Sunday evening. The new cast consists of Yasmin, played by Mandip Gill; Ryan, played by Tosin Cole;…

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Suzanne says…it’s a small world

This title might remind you of a famous song that has a certain influence over this article’s topic. So, what is it about? It’s about us being all different and yet very similar. It’s about us accepting our differences, and in today’s society this proves to be a bigger challenge every day. As it happens,…

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TGT Debate – Are Multiple Companions Better?

Last week we discussed whether more two-parters in series 9 was a good thing. 69% of you agreed that it was, while 31% preferred single episodes. This week we’re looking at the companions. With the news the Rigsy will be returning in series 9, this has led us to think whether multiple companions works better…

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Carole Ann Ford: “Of Course” I Would Return To Doctor Who

In an interview with Doctor Who Magazine #487, Carole Ann Ford revealed that she would return to the role of Susan in a heartbeat. When asked, she said: “Of course! Are you kidding? They invited us to the studios in Cardiff [during the filming of ‘Last Christmas’]. It was great. It was lovely to meet…

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