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AbbyShot allows last chance pre-orders for Series 9 coat

For anyone cosplaying the Twelfth Doctor from Series 9, the coat is everything. Pop culture merchandise retailer AbbyShot is bringing back the popular Series 9 coat with the red lining but only if enough people are interested! This may be your last chance. AbbyShot is known for their quality cosplay replicas. In order to create…

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Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi Talks His Doctor’s “Rock and Roll” Look

The new Doctor comes to our screens in just under three weeks, and he’s sporting a brand new wardrobe. Gone are the days of tweed and fez; Peter Capaldi’s incarnation of our favorite Time Lord is tough, no nonsense, and… rock and roll? In the upcoming edition of Entertainment Weekly, Capaldi discusses the new style,…

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Cool Comic Con Cosplay – Doctor Who Style

If you’ve checked this site over the past three days, you may have noticed that the editor has done a fantastic job with comprehensively covering all the Who news to come out of Comic Con. While I may not have a story to share with you, I do have a Comic Con treat. The Whovians…

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Amazing Doctor Who Cosplay At PAX East

PAX East, one of the largest annual conventions for all things nerd, wrapped up a few days ago. And where there’s a con, there’s cosplay. The guys over at iO9 got a snap of a wonderful image of a Clockwork robot. Luckily, the Fourth Doctor was there to thwart the invasion. [Source]

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