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Mission to the Unknown gets recreated

Students and staff at Preston’s university worked hard to recreate one of the many lost episodes of the Doctor Who classic television serial. Bringing Mission to the Unknown back to life was a big project.However, they received special permission to record their recreation from The BBC and the Terry Nation Estates. Mission to the Unknown…

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Two New Dalek Novelizations to Release This Year.

Two final Dalek stories to complete the range of novelised Doctor Who episodes is to be released later this year which are Resurrection of the Daleks and Revelation of the Daleks. After over 54 years of waiting eager fans of the Doctor Who novels/target range their collection will be complete in book form. Back in the day if you…

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What we’ve learnt from the Gosport set for Series 11 (Spoilers)

Fans were delighted to see the filming of the new series of Doctor Who recently in Gosport, Hampshire. From taking selfies with the new Doctor to catching a glimpse of what to expect in the new series, fans have a lot to talk about since the filming. With photos from the set circulating around the internet,…

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Big Finish reveals cast of The War Master

For those eagerly awaiting more information about Big Finish’s The War Master, the wait is over! Big Finish has recently revealed the cast list along with a trailer for the new highly anticipated stories.  Once again Derek Jacobi reclaims the iconic role of the Master. His portrayal of the Master in the BBC television series…

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