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Suzanne says… music is part of Doctor Who’s DNA

With Delia Derbyshire awarded with a posthumous honorary doctorate of arts and the recent passing of Who music legend Dudley Simpson, I felt compelled to write about how important music is in Doctor Who. First, let me state an obvious fact: opening credits are part of a TV show’s identity. You hear a certain tune…

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Doctor Who’s Delia Derbyshire honoured with posthumous PhD

Delia Derbyshire, the electronic music pioneer and co-creator of Doctor Who‘s iconic theme, has been awarded with a posthumous honorary doctorate of arts from Coventry University. Her work during the 1960s and ’70s – including her time with the Radiophonic Workshop where she played a vital role in the eerie and highly experimental transformation of…

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Doctor Who: Blue Plaque In Honour Of Delia Derbyshire Unveiled

Doctor Who composer Delia Derbyshire has today been honoured with the unveiling of a blue plaque in her hometown of Coventry. Derbyshire, who is best known for her pioneering electronic arrangement of Ron Grainer’s theme for Doctor Who created during her time at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, was born and grew up in the West…

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Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition

Doctor Who Magazine has announced a special edition, to be released this Thursday, 13 August. Titled “The Music of Doctor Who,” this edition is a retrospective look at the history of music on the programme, from Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire to Murray Gold. The embedded tweet and a larger version of the cover may…

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