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Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan – 10 Teasers

1. The episode’s opening words? “New York – the city of a million stories…” 2. The New York location filming has paid off – expect impressive visuals aplenty. 3. “That’s an awful lot of locks for one door.” 4. The Doctor’s new-found anonymity has had a few surprising side effects. 5. “You embarrass me!” 6.…

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Digital Spy’s Ten Teasers About ‘The Girl Who Waited’

1. “Glasses are cool.” 2. The Doctor does not want to visit the Planet of the Coffee Shops. 3. “That’ll be the small *** of ********* alarm!” 4. First referenced in 2006’s ‘Love and Monsters’, the planet Clom gets another mention. 5. “Hello *****! Robots with *****, Rory!” 6. Time has been “wibbly” and “wobbly”…

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Digital Spy: Ten Teasers About ‘Immortal Sins’

Digital Spy has released their usual ten teasers, this time for Torchwood: Mircale Day – Immortal Sins, Part 7 out of 10. Back in 1920s New York, Jack meets the charming thief Angelo and soon falls head over heels, but could there be another twist in this tale? 1. “Look at me – do I…

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Karen Gillan: ‘Female Viewers Will Feel For Amy Pond’

WARNING: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS. Karen Gillan, who plays Amy Pond in Doctor Who has said that female Doctor Who viewers will “really feel” for Amy Pond in Saturday night’s mid-series finale, ‘A Good Man Goes To War’. She admitted to TV & Satellite Week that she had received advice from her own mother about playing the…

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Alex Kingston: ‘Women Like Kick-Ass River Song’

Alex Kingston who plays Proffesor River Song in Doctor Who has said that people have praised her for playing a “kick-ass” older woman in Doctor Who. Talking about her character to the Evening Standard, she said: “It plays with the notion of an older woman being in love with a younger man, who in his…

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A Good Man Goes To War – Digital Spy Ten Teasers

1. Remember not to interact with the headless monks (without divine permission) 2. “Oh turn it off. I’m breaking in, not out!” 3. The Doctor calls on favours from a number of familiar faces 4. “They don’t put up a balloon or anything!” 5. A line from a previous episode takes on a new significance.…

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