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Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi Wins RTS Award

Landing the marvelous role of the Doctor has not stopped Scottish actor, Peter Capaldi, from excelling in the TV/movie business. In fact, he keeps rising higher and higher as a determined and extremely talented actor. Recently, Capaldi was endowed with the RTS award, an award that honors his remarkable strides in the field of show…

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Spoilers: I’m New Here

Ha, I knew the first part of the title might fool you into reading this. Yes I’m new here, the team were reaching out for some new members and after a nail biting application it seems we might suit each other, well hopefully that’s the plan anyway. Oh my giddy Aunt, where are my manners,…

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The Gallifrey Times Is Back!

Well.. The Gallifrey Times is back. Were up and running, I myself have been Ill with the Flu, its a pain, and Tom hasn’t been on due to Exams. In summary in the great words of Precious Little “We got news, we got views, we got the stories, we even got the internet, but we…

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