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Doctor Who Velocity releases fourth episode

doctor who velocity episode 4

While the Thirteenth Doctor may be off air until next year, there’s another Doctor whose new adventures we can enjoy in the form of Doctor Who Velocity. The fan series, starring Krystal Moore as the Doctor, has released its fourth episode online. The episode, written and directed by Chris Phillips, sees the Doctor join a…

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Doctor Who Velocity Ep 4 is on the way!

Fans of the popular fan made Doctor Who web series have had quite a wait since episode 03 came out. However, the wait is almost over. Doctor Who Velocity has released information and a trailer for the highly anticipated episode 04! We’re totally stoked to see how wickedly outrageous it’s going to be. The Doctor…

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Suzanne says … let’s review Series 11

Doctor and Companions

In a few years time, when we look back at series 11, we will remember that it wasn’t just any other Doctor Who series, but that it had quite a strong sociological impact on the fanbase. This is the reason why I wished to write a different kind of review for Series 11, one that would include…

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Doctor Who Velocity audio drama releases Christmas Eve

Sad about not getting to watch a brand new episode of Doctor Who this Christmas day? Well, you can listen to a special Doctor Who Velocity audio adventure instead! Doctor Who Velocity will be releasing a special audio drama for free on Christmas Eve. Club Quatermass is sure to be a treat. Maybe it will be…

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Krystal Moore discusses Doctor Who: Velocity

krystal moore doctor who velocity

Doctor Who: Velocity has recently released a new episode and the responses have been pretty positive. But how did all of this come together though? We had a chinwag with the star of Velocity, Krystal Moore about her successful fan made Doctor Who web series.

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Doctor Who Velocity: Episode 3 review

doctor who velocity

Warning: This review contains mild spoilers for the episode. Doctor Who has one of the most creative fanbases around, with the show inspiring its loyal fans to write their own stories. One such example is Doctor Who Velocity, who recently released the third episode in their series. Following on from the previous episodes, the story…

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