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6 Things To Do While Waiting For Doctor Who

As any devout Whovian knows, Doctor Who series 10 has been postponed until 2017, leaving us with only a Christmas Special in 2016. Obviously, we have all been devastated by this. But don’t give up hope! Just because we don’t have a new series to watch does not mean there is nothing else to do.…

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Moffat Reveals Extra Episode For Series 10

Amidst all the rumours surrounding the upcoming series of Doctor Who, there has been much speculation on how many episodes we will be getting in Series 10, with many fans worrying that we would get less than usual. In fact, after a recent interview it would appear that the situation is quite the opposite, with…

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Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi Addresses Rumours Of A Shortened Series 10

In the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (#494), Peter Capaldi spoke about the number of episodes he’s already done, and the rumours that the next series will have fewer episodes than series 9: “I’m shocked at the speed at which it’s going. I’ve done 26 episodes already, and I don’t know how that happened.…

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Doctor Who: Series 9 To Have Twelve Episodes

BBC Books has issued a press release revealing that series 9 will have twelve regular episodes and a Christmas special, just as there was last year. The two-parter “The Girl Who Died” and “The Woman Who Lived,” episodes 5 and 6 of the new series, is currently being filmed. The exact airdate of series 9…

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Favourite Matt Smith Episode?

I was asked which 5 Matt Smith Episodes I preferred, But I honestly can’t answer, they’re all brilliant! So, I thought I’d hand it over to you, visitors of The Gallifrey Times! Please comment which 5 episodes you prefer from the list below. I will reveal the winners on 31st January! Series 5 The Eleventh…

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