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Doctor Who: Extremis – Final UK Viewing Figures

The consolidated viewing figures for the sixth episode of Series 10, Extremis, have been released. The episode had 5.53 million viewers after a week of recordings, a rise of 1.37 million on the overnight figure of 4.16 million. That’s a tick up from Oxygen, but another remarkably low timeshift for the show. Doctor Who was…

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Doctor Who: Extremis – Poll Results

For the past week you’ve been voting in our rate the episode poll for Extremis. We’ve now closed the poll and you can view the results below. Though the episode proved to be very divisive in some circles, Extremis accrued an excellent response from our readers as the continuous upward swing of ratings continues, with…

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The Gallifrey Times Team Reviews Extremis


The Doctor is blind! After last week’s shock ending, we couldn’t wait to see how the Doctor got on in this week’s episode, Extremis. What did our team think? Did they see eye to eye? Or were they blinded by Moffat’s overwhelming script? Let’s ditch the puns and find out… Ben (Assistant Editor) As the series…

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Doctor Who: Extremis – Appreciation Index Score

Saturday’s episode, Extremis, had an Audience Appreciation (AI) figure of 82. The Appreciation Index in an indication of how much viewers enjoyed the episode, based on the reactions of a selected panel of viewers, who rate the episode shortly after transmission. The score of 82 is considered to be good, though it is slightly below…

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Doctor Who: Extremis – Overnight UK Viewing Figures

The overnight UK viewing figures for last night’s episode, Extremis, have been released. The episode had 4.16 million viewers on average, which sees the show gain back a lot of its drop last week to a season low of 3.57 million. It’s the fourth strongest overnight of Series 10 so far: The Pilot – 4.64…

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Episode Discussion & Poll – Doctor Who: Extremis

Extremis has just finished in the UK, we invite you now to share your opinions to share your views of the series premiere in The Gallifrey Times’ Episode Discussion & Poll. You can vote in our poll below and the results will be revealed on Saturday 27th May. What did you think of Extremis? Thanks, and we…

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Doctor Who: The Complete Guide to Extremis

Last week, the Doctor, Bill and Nardole found themselves beset by the undead on the space station Chasm Forge. It turned out to be a mission with lasting consequences, leaving the Doctor blinded permanently! Tonight, in Extremis,  he’ll have to cope with that new affliction while unravelling a conspiracy that entwines the scientific, religious and…

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Doctor Who: Extremis – Second Preview Clip

The following clip contains details about the next episode of Doctor Who that some readers may wish to avoid. The BBC has released a second preview clip for tomorrow’s episode of Doctor Who, Extremis, featuring the return of Michelle Gomez as Missy: The first preview clip for Extremis can be found here, whilst trailers for…

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Doctor Who: Introduction To Extremis

The BBC has released two introduction videos for this week’s episode of Doctor Who, Extremis. The first of these features executive producer Steven Moffat on what is in store for the Twelfth Doctor after last week’s dramatic cliffhanger: The second sees Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie tease ‘one of the strangest Doctor Who stories ever’:…

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