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Doctor Who Velocity Ep 4 is on the way!

Fans of the popular fan made Doctor Who web series have had quite a wait since episode 03 came out. However, the wait is almost over. Doctor Who Velocity has released information and a trailer for the highly anticipated episode 04! We’re totally stoked to see how wickedly outrageous it’s going to be. The Doctor…

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Alisa Stern discusses Doctor Puppet finale

doctor puppet

After six wonderful years of bringing joy and delight to Doctor Who fans across the internet, the story of Doctor Puppet is finally coming to a close. What can fans expect from this grand finale episode and what does this mean for Doctor Puppet supporters going forward? Alisa Stern, the creator of Doctor Puppet took…

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Doctor Who Velocity’s third & fourth episodes are in the works

The popular zero budget fan series Doctor Who Velocity is currently working hard on their third and fourth episodes. The Gallifrey Times has exclusive photos and information about this highly anticipated continuation of their Dalek inspired story arc, as well as insight into the team’s future projects. Doctor Who Velocity has had over a 100,000…

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Doctor Who: Velocity reimagines classic villains

Davros and the Daleks get a whole new look in Doctor Who: Velocity’s second installment. The American Doctor Who fan series is giving some classic Who villains a modern twist in their highly anticipated episode two. The Gallifrey Times covered this popular online American fan series after the high praise of internet whovians over the…

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Doctor Who: Velocity is getting an Episode Two

Fan made Doctor Who: Velocity has received a lot of love from the whovian community online since its release of episode one in October. Now fans have a second episode to look forward to. The fan made series was filmed in Idaho, USA with a local cast and stars Krystal Moore in the role of…

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