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Tom Baker’s Message To Fans

Tom Baker, who plays the Fourth Doctor, has spoken publicly about his appreciation of support from fans. He says he felt ‘swamped in love’ after he revived the role in the 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor. A message posted on his website revealed that he received ‘wonderful messages’ from around the world…

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TARDIS To Be ‘Kickstarted’ Into Space For 50th Anniversary

A Father and Daughter team who go by the name of 3 Stags Productions from Lake Helen, Florida have reached their Kickstarter goal of a staggering $33,000 and exceeded it even further (at the time of posting, the total stands at over $40,000 with 18 days to go) on a unique project to celebrate 50…

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Doctor Who Fan Speaks To His 12-Year-Old-Self

Actor and film-maker Jeremiah McDonald has been a rabid Doctor Who fan since 12 years old. In fact, he even left himself a video tape asking his future-self important questions such as, is he still a Who fan 20 years on? Does he still have hair? Now 32, Jeremiah has watched the tape, filmed himself answering…

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