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The BBC Confirms The Next Doctor Will Be Male?

With the announcement of Peter Capaldi leaving the show after Series 10, the big topic on everybody’s lips has been who the next Doctor will be. This year more than ever, the subject of a female Doctor has been widely discussed, with many of the show’s cast and crew giving their opinion on the matter.…

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Doctor Who: Rufus Hound On Potential Female Doctor

Rufus Hound recently told the Radio Times his opinion on whether or not the Doctor should ever be played by a woman. The comedian just wrapped a guest role on the show, playing a character named Sam Swift in episodes five and six of series nine, “The Girl Who Died” and “The Woman Who Lived.”…

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Steven Moffat On Casting A Female Doctor

Despite the casting of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor, the debate still continues over the idea of a female Doctor. In a recent interview, executive producer Steven Moffat revealed that he is ‘reasonably confident’ that the Timelord will one day be played by a female actress. He told Nerd Cubed: “The problem with this…

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Steven Moffat Says Women Don’t Want A Female Doctor

Doctor Who Showrunner Steven Moffat has voiced his reasons for not making the Twelfth incarnation of the Doctor a women by stating that female fans of the show do not want a female Doctor. The writer had this to say on the subject: “It’s absolutely narratively possible (that the Doctor could be a woman) and…

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The Next Doctor Will Not Be A Woman According To Georgia Taylor

The actress Georgia Taylor, who has acted on Coronation Street amongst other productions, has voiced her doubts over the next Doctor being female. Taylor said that fans of the show will most probably have a negative reaction to a woman playing the Doctor after Matt Smith regenerates. She had this to say on the subject…

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