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Mattel announce new Thirteenth Doctor Barbie doll

thirteenth doctor barbie doll

There has been a number of Thirteenth Doctor figures released this year, including figures from Funko and Titan, but in a surprise announcement after tonight’s episode, there’s one more rather special doll to add to your collection. BBC Studios and Mattel have partnered to release the first ever Doctor Who Barbie® doll – a limited…

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B&M announce new Doctor Who 5″ figure sets

For fans of Character Options’ range of Doctor Who figures, B&M has recently become the go to place, with reasonably priced sets of figures from both eras of the show. And now we have some more to look forward to soon. The next wave of 5″ figures have been announced, including the Fourth, Eleventh and…

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Doctor Who Loses One Million Viewers

The most recent episode of Doctor Who, The Rings of Akhaten, has seen a drop of one million viewers when compared to the debut episode of Series 7 Part 2, The Bells of Saint John, suffering a drop from 6.7 million to 5.7 million viewers. The episode was penned by the writer Neil Cross, creator…

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Doctor Who Figurine Collection Magazine Announced

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary, the BBC are releasing a fortnightly magazine containing a specially designed figure every issue! Currently the magazine is only available in a test area but it is thought to be released nationwide somewhere between September 2013 & January 2014. Issue 1 contains a fact file on the 11th Doctor, the Pandorica &…

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Series 5-6 Figure Wave 2a/b – Official Images

Wave 2A Doctor Who 5-inch action figures Uncle & Amelia Pond ‘flesh mask’ & Flesh SachetIdris with 1 Psychic Container & River Song ‘flesh mask’ & Flesh SachetThe Astronaut & Amy ‘flesh mask’ & Flesh SachetRiver Song ‘flesh mask’ & Flesh SachetEleventh Doctor & Eleventh Doctor ‘flesh mask’ & Flesh SachetGanger Eleventh Doctor & Eleventh…

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Bif Bang Pow! Retro Figures Prototypes

Bif Bang Pow! have revealed several prototypes of Retro figures that will be shown at this years American International Toy Fair in New York. On show are a decayed Master, Cyberleader, 4th Doctor, Tardis and Sontaran Styre, but there may be more in the pipeline. For more information visit their website:

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Series 5 Action Figures – Wave Two

We have today received an email regarding the new Series 5 Wave Two action figures from Forbidden Planet. The figures included in Wave Two are: Francesco the Vampire Roman Autons Prisoner Zero Dalek Progenitor Guardian Smiler Pictures of the new figures can be seen below: All these are expected to be released on 1st November…

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USA Yellow Dalek Figure

Today details have been released from Underground Toys and Hastings in the USA, over a Yellow Dalek figure, available exclusively in the USA. All the information and pictures can be seen below: Underground Toys is pleased to announce an extensive in-store promotion at Hastings Entertainment for Doctor Who merchandise starting in October and running through…

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