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Moffat Says Doctor Who Film Not Happening

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has seemingly squashed all speculation of a big screen Who production being in the works. Well, I say seemingly but “There isn’t a film.” from the guy who runs the show seems fairly conclusive. Given Moffat’s predilection for cryptic hints and encouraging fan speculation, an outright denial…

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Matt Smith Talks Series 7, Doctor Who Movie & 50th Anniversary

Collider spoke to Matt Smith, who plays the 11th Doctor in Doctor Who, at Comic-Con last weekend, so we’ve included the full interview below. So, is Comic-Con different, the second time? MATT SMITH:  Yeah, it is!  You know slightly what to expect a little more.  It’s always overwhelming, it’s always very humbling, and it’s always…

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Doctor Who Star, Karen Gillan Cast In New Horror Film

Karen Gillan best known to Doctor Who fans as The Doctor’s companion, Amy Pond has been cast in the lead role of a new horror film. ‘Oculus’ follows a woman whose life was destroyed as a child after her parents were murdered and brother was pegged with the crime, even though she believes the crime…

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Lost Who Documentary Discovered

It may not be a missing episode, but it’s pretty damn close. The 60’s teen show The Whole Scene Going once covered the production of Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D., the second of two Who films made in the 60’s that starred Peter Cushing, looking to escape from being typecast after his numerous roles in…

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