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Review of Doctor Who Infinity The Horror of Flat Holm

Review by Suzanne Fifth story of “Doctor Who Infinity”, “The Horror of Flat Holm” is, in my opinion, one of the strongest stories from the game, and definitely worth playing. It remains stuck in my head as one of my favourite “Doctor Who Infinity” story (and gaming experience)! Kind warning: this review contains spoilers of…

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New Doctor Who Novel by Tom Baker

Tom Baker is making another comeback into the Doctor Who universe this time bringing back an idea he had in the 70’s for a Doctor Who movie and putting it into novel form. The book is called Scratchman and started to take shape when Tom Baker was the Doctor along with Ian Marter (who played…

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Rhianne Starbuck discusses the Star Beast

Actress Rhianne Starbuck will be playing Sharon Davies along side Tom Baker’s fourth Doctor. Due to release March 2019, this new retelling of Doctor Who is a comic strip adaption featuring the popular companion. Star Beast is a modern take on the classic comic story that first introduced her to the Whoniverse. Big Finish recently…

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Funko launches new Doctor Who PEZ dispensers

With the launch of Series 11 and the new Thirteenth Doctor, we’ve had plenty of new merchandise, with books to read, figures to play with and clothes to wear. But what about when we’re feeling peckish?  Funko and PEZ Candy, Inc. have teamed up to add to their line of PEZ dispensers, including Star Wars,…

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Lovarzi release shorter Fourth Doctor Season 18 burgundy scarf

Fourth Doctor Season 18 burgundy scarf

One of the most iconic accessories from the show is undoubtedly the Fourth Doctor’s scarf, and Lovarzi have become known for their high quality replicas of these legendary scarves.  Lovarzi launched their line of officially-licensed Doctor Who merchandise in 2012 with the Fourth Doctor’s multi-coloured scarf. Following the success of this scarf, they have since released…

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Big Finish Doctor Who vinyl exclusives

Who doesn’t love the sound of a nice vinyl record playing? Now fans can hear the sounds of Tom Baker, Louise Jameson, David Tennant, Billie Piper and Nicholas Briggs in a whole new way. These Big Finish Doctor Who vinyl exclusives make a great addition to any collection. Cold Vengeance featuring David Tennant as the tenth Doctor…

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Warlord Games releases fourth Doctor & companions set

For fans of the Doctor Who themed table top game Exterminate!, Warlord Games has now released a set for the fourth Doctor and his companions. This set includes five beautifully detailed metal sculpted figures of approximately 38mm in height. These models come unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints are not included. Twelve Exterminate! cards are also…

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Doctor Who: Shada region 1 DVD now available

Doctor Who fans were given a treat last year when the lost Shada episode, written by Douglas Adams was reconstructed with animation to fill in all the missing gaps. However, Shada wasn’t readily available to fans in the United States… until now! Last November fans of Douglas Adams, Tom Baker, Doctor Who, or just of…

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Big Finish celebrate 20th Anniversary with special audio

Big Finish has been providing fans with original audio adventures for 20 years, including Doctor Who, Torchwood, Class and numerous spinoff characters from the show. To celebrate their 20th anniversary of their first Doctor Who release, The Sirens of Time, Big Finish are putting on their biggest audio crossover event ever, with The Legacy of…

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