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Doctor Who: Matt Lucas Returns For Series 10

The BBC has today revealed that Matt Lucas will be returning to Doctor Who for the show’s tenth series. The comedian will be reprising his role as Nardole from 2015’s Christmas special The Husbands of River Song, and is due to join Peter Capaldi and new companion Pearl Mackie when filming for Series 10 begins…

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Anniversary Week: In The Forest Of The Night Review

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the revival of Doctor Who, some of TGT’s writers will be chatting about an episode that they love – it may be a fan favourite, or it might be an under-appreciated gem. To kick the week off, TGT writer Harris will be making the case for a recent, polarising…

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Doctor Who: Moffat Defends “Beautiful” Episode In The Forest Of The Night

Doctor Who fans couldn’t seem to agree on much this season, but there was one thing most polls were consistent on: “In the Forest of the Night” (episode 10) was the weakest story of the season. “Forest,” Frank Cottrell Boyce’s Doctor Who writing debut, explored what would happen if the forest reclaimed the earth overnight.…

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Doctor Who: Frank Cottrell-Boyce Talks Writing For Capaldi’s Doctor

Frank Cottrell-Boyce is used to writing children’s stories, so writing an episode of Doctor Who with a large supporting cast of children makes sense. But the episode came with its own challenges; namely, a new and quite unpredictable Doctor. Cottrell-Boyce spoke to the Radio Times about writing “In the Forest of the Night,” saying: “Obviously we…

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Frank Cottrell Boyce To Write For Series 8

Award-winning children’s writer – and writer for the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony – Frank Cottrell Boyce has been confirmed to be writing an episode for Doctor Who, thus completing the line up of series 8 writers. The episode will feature a number of child actors, including Harley Bird (the voice of Peppa Pig), Abigail Eames…

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