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Doctor Who: Paul Kaye Confirmed for Series 9

WARNING: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS FOR SERIES 9 OF DOCTOR WHO. Read on at your own risk. The first actor to guest star in Doctor Who‘s ninth series has been confirmed as Paul Kaye. Kaye is best known for his appearances in Game of Thrones and will be joining the main cast in a…

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Paul McGann recommends Game of Thrones star for Master role

The Master’s possible return remains a hot topic among Doctor Who fans and stars alike. Eighth Doctor Paul McGann had an interesting casting suggestion for the role of The Master. He told Flicks and the City that Game of Thrones star Charles Dance would be “great” in bringing the Master back to life in the series:…

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Could Game of Thrones Actor Richard Madden Star In Doctor Who?

As Whovians, we love hearing news about actors and actresses possibly joining to film an episode, or two, or more of our beloved programme Doctor Who, but could Jenna Coleman’s (Clara Oswald) boyfriend be up for some adventures in time and space? The Game of Thrones star has teased a possible role for him in…

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Geek Crash Course: Game Of Thrones (Season 1)

The Game Of Thrones is rated 18 in the UK and TV-MA in the US, therefore this video may contain content unsuitable for younger viewers. Don’t forget we’re affiliated with Geek Crash Course! You can go to the dedicated page here, their official website here and their YouTube channel here!

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Torchwood Star Rumoured To Take On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Role

According to a post on the Game of Thrones fansite that has since been deleted, Torchwood star Burn Gourman has signed on for a role in Season 3 of the popular HBO show based on the book series A Song Of Ice And Fire by George R.R. (The Great-Bearded Glacier) Martin. Torchwood fans will recognise Burn…

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