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Doctor Who: Hide Broadcasts Tonight!

Are you ready to be scared? Episode nine of Series 7, Hide airs tonight – and it’s a spooky ghost story penned by The Rings of Akhaten writer Neil Cross. Here’s all you need to know about tonight’s episode: Synopsis (Courtesy of the Radio Times) Clara and the Doctor arrive at a haunted mansion on a…

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Doctor Who: A First Look At Hide

After last weeks claustrophobic underwater capers, The Doctor and Clara attempt their very best ‘Ghostbusters’ impressions In ‘Hide’. Catch the first preview clip in the handy player below: Article written by Graeme Bentzen for The Gallifrey Times. [Source: BBC Doctor Who Official]

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Doctor Who: Hide – Spoiler-Free Preview

Doctor Who: Series 7, Episode 9: Hide Written by: Neil Cross Directed by: Jamie Payne Produced by: Marcus Wilson Executive Producers: Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner Broadcast date: Saturday 20th April 2013 at 6:45pm on BBC One Reviewed by Oliver Jenkins for The Gallifrey Times. The Gallifrey Times have seen Series 7, Episode 9: Hide…

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Doctor Who: Hide – 10 Quotes

CultBox have published their usual ten teasing quotes for Hide, which you can read below: » “Doctor, come home. We’re here.” » “We’re all ghosts to you.” » “You’re a talented water colourist.” » “She’s an objective phenomenon.” » “The music room is the heart of the house.” » “Doctor, I’m not happy.” » “Whisky…

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Doctor Who: Hide – 10 Hints

CultBox have published their usual hints for Hide, which you can read below: » A reference made in ‘Army of Ghosts’ is made here. » It looks like the name of the show might change… » A rather meta reference to ’70s Doctor Who is made. » There is a Scooby Doo moment. » The Doctor comments on the…

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Doctor Who: Hide – 10 Teasers

Doctor Who TV have published their first set of 10 teasers for the upcoming episode Hide, which you can read below: Opening line: – “How we looking?” There’’s a cringetastic Ghostbusters reference Someone other than the Doctor flies the TARDIS 155415 3421 23114232343354 What’s orange and back? Geronimo! Clara receives a warning about the Doctor…

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