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First look at Doctor Who Magazine #525

The cover for this month’s edition of Doctor Who Magazine has been revealed, featuring an image of the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee. Doctor Who Magazine #525 goes inside the Doctor Who cutting room with Will Oswald, who has a decade’s worth of experience as editor on the revived era of the show. With his help DWM takes a…

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Doctor Who: Twelve for Twelve – Castrovalva Review (Fifth Doctor)

The beginning of 1982 was something of a watershed moment for Doctor Who. The show had just faced the departure of its long-time star, Tom Baker, whose toothy grin, wild curls and trademark long scarf had impressed themselves upon a whole generation of fans. However, Baker’s seven years in the TARDIS proved to be both…

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Russell T Davies To Auction Doctor Who Script

Former Doctor Who Head Writer, Russell T Davies has donated past Doctor Who script ”Midnight” to Project Motor House, a charity organised by Janet Fielding (1980’s companion to the Fourth and Fifth Doctor) . The charity is raising money for the West Cliff Concert Hall in Ramsgate so that it can have the budget to…

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