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Let’s Kill Hitler – Official Website Hidden Message

They have returned! You might remember us posting that there were secret messages for Series 6 Part 1, found in the ‘Fourth Dimension’ tab of the official BBC Doctor Who website Episode Guides. The words, in italics are put together to form a message. The message for ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ can be seen below: “When…

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Let’s Kill Hitler – The Telegraph Review

Doctor Who (BBC One) was back and what a whiz-bang, bells-and-whistles return it was. Entitled Let’s Kill Hitler, the episode opened with the Tardis getting hijacked and the Doctor being ordered to fly to 1938 Berlin, so the Führer could be eliminated. The show is fond of dropping in historical figures these days. Shakespeare, Dickens,…

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10 Teasers About ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’

WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS! Two of these are fake. River Song makes two stunning entrances. A crop circle to contact the Doctor.  Spaceships are people too.  “You didn’t have to be so Nazi”  War criminal bigger then Hitler? Haven’t we been looking at her for years?  A whispering scene reminiscent of Silence on the…

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Let’s Kill Hitler – 12 Quotes

Now loop the loop.  Doctor very lost.  I’ve been hiding for hours.  Anyone can tell it was a clever lie!  Prepare for tesselation.  We need to go later in his time~stream.  You see? Time travel, never goes to plan.  That blue box? We’ve got a match.  Let’s get married.  Took me years to find you…

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