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Doctor Who Adventures Magazine Goes Digital

To celebrate 300 issues of the weekly children’s Doctor Who magazine, Doctor Who Adventures, an app for iPad and iPhone has been released which allows readers to purchase and subscribe to digital issues of the publication. Single issues will be available for £1.99 each, while a 3 month subscription costs £22.99. Although the magazine won’t…

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Doctor Who To Appear On Entertainment Weekly Cover

Click to enlarge. Doctor Who and the 11th Doctor, played by Matt Smith, have made it to the front cover of US Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, making it the first ever British TV show to appear on the cover of America’s famous weekly magazine. Inside the magazine, it is discussed whether the time has finally come…

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Doctor Who Adventures – Issue 263

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 263 Happy Easter, eggy humans! Do you prefer boiled, scrambled or fried? That mas the option the Daleks gave me once. I chose to be scrambled, but then I poached their spaceship and left them with egg on their faces. Well, I would have done, if Daleks had faces. Ha ha!…

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