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Bandai Namco soft launches Doctor Who: Battle of Time

Bandai Namco has released a brand new collectible card game app for Doctor Who fans but it might not be available in your country just yet. Bandai Namco Entertainment is known for making high quality games of various genres and released on a full range of platforms from console to PC. However, their new collectible…

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BBC Launches Doctor Who: Time Vortex 360

The BBC has released its first-ever 360° arcade game, allowing Doctor Who fans to take control of the TARDIS and pilot it through the show’s iconic time vortex. Doctor Who: Time Vortex 360 is an endless runner game that lets players on their smartphone or tablet physically move their device through 360 degrees to avoid…

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A New Face For Doctor Who Legacy

Even with the big reveal we just had from the BBC, we still have over 50 days until Deep Breath arrives. That’s where Tiny Rebel Games is helping out. Fresh from the developer comes the newest version of Doctor Who Legacy, complete with some huge changes. If your not familiar with the game, Doctor Who…

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