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Doctor Who: Neil Cross Back For Series 8

Neil Cross, writer of the divisive The Rings of Akhaten and Hide has said he may be back for series eight of Doctor Who. Talking to Stuff he stated: “I am going back. I have got story ideas tucked away, but if I told you about them I would have to kill you. There’s a whole bunch of…

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Doctor Who: Neil Cross Praises Matt Smith’s Performance As The Doctor

The Rings of Akhaten and Hide writer Neil Cross has spoken out to website Stuff about Matt Smith’s upcoming departure as the Eleventh Doctor  this Christmas. Cross praised Smith’s performance in the role, claiming that he may just be the greatest ever Doctor: “When he came into our lives as the eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith…

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Times for Doctor Who: The Rings of Akhaten

The Rings of AkhatenTonight!  In just under 2 hours viewers in the UK will be getting seated to watch Series 7 Episode 8: The Rings of Akhaten by newcomer Neil Cross. To make sure you’re prepared below is a list of where you can watch the Rings of Akhaten across the globe: UK- 6:15pm (Saturday…

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Neil Cross Talks His Two Doctor Who Episodes

Neil Cross, creator of popular BBC crime drama Luther, has been talking about his two upcoming episodes of Doctor Who. Cross has penned episode two of the new series, rumoured to be titled The Rings of Akhaten, and episode four, rumoured to be titled Phantom of the Hex. Cross talked about the experience of being…

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