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New Book Released and Three More Announced

the women who lived

It’ s a good day for avid readers of Whovian books. Firstly, The Women Who Lived is now available to buy.  Secondly, the BBC have released the covers of 3 new novels featuring the Thirteenth Doctor which will be released late October. The Women Who Lived Written by YouTube’s The Fan Show’s host Christel Dee and…

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Class: Covers & Titles Released For Tie-in Novels (With a New Logo!)

It’s become traditional since 2005 for a batch of original novels to be released with a new series of Doctor Who, chronicling an untold adventure of the Doctor and companion who are starring in the current season. Fittingly for a series penned by a novelist, listings on Amazon have confirmed that there will be three…

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New Doctor Who Novels Featuring The Twelfth Doctor And Clara Coming Soon

Three new Doctor Who novels will be released later this year from BBC Books, featuring the Twelfth Doctor and Clara. While no cover art or official release dates have been announced yet, we know the synopsis and writer for each. Though nothing is confirmed, it is believed that the first of the three books will…

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Doctor Who: Details For The Twelfth Doctor’s First Three BBC Novels

BBC Books have announced that their popular New Series Adventures novels will continue with the Twelfth Doctor, with three new novels, all featuring Peter Capaldi’s Doctor and Clara, releasing this September, soon after the Twelfth Doctor’s TV debut. Synopses and titles for the three novels are as follows: The Crawling Terror – By Mike Tucker…

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Doctor Who: Synopsis & Cover Released for New War Doctor Novel

The War Doctor, the only recently revealed incarnation of the Doctor, may have only had one televised adventure in last year’s The Day of the Doctor – but it has been announced that the War Doctor will return in a brand new Doctor Who novel this summer, Engines of War. The novel will be set…

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