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Opinion Piece: In Defense Of Clara Oswald

            Warning: this does contain spoilers for seasons 7-8 of  Doctor Who. As I sit down to write this article, only four episodes of the eighth season of Doctor Who have aired. And as with any seasons with Steven Moffat as showrunner, it has already been fraught with controversy and negativity, most of which I…

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Opinion Article: 12th Doctor’s Costume

NOTE: The following is an opinion article. It reflects ONLY the views of the author, and not the views of The Gallifrey Times, the BBC, or anyone else but the writer of the article. Thank you, and enjoy your reading. I have some doubts about Capaldi as I’m sure we all do; going from one…

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Opinion Article – Doctor Who & Scotland

This opinion piece is written by Andrew Newby. Occasionally, in British news of late, there are murmurs surrounding the possible independence of Scotland. Could this in any way upset us Whovians? Nope. In fact it couldn’t be more obvious now that Doctor Who shares a deep love with Scotland. Doctor Who’s passionate links with Scotland…

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