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Doctor Who Magazine #524 out now

The latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine is out from today, including an exclusive feature on the first new Doctor Who Target novelisations based on 21st-century episodes, also on sale from today. Doctor Who Magazine #524 features interviews with the four authors involved with the new adaptations published under the Target imprint – Russell T…

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Suzanne says… canon or non-canon?

If you are an avid reader of those pieces (Hello, Suman!), you know that I already mentioned how difficult it may be for an aspiring Whovian to jump into that extended universe.  Once all TV serials and the movie have been watched, Big Finish audiobooks seem to be the right place to continue your journey.…

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Doctor Who: New Multi-Doctor Story Coming From Titan Comics

Titan Comics announced this week that they will be releasing a special multi-Doctor adventure later this year. This story will see the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors teaming up, though no details on the storyline for the special adventure have yet been released. This multi-Doctor story will replace the currently running comics for those Doctors…

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