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TGT Podcast Episode 4 – Pyramids of Reflection

tgt podcast the gallifrey times doctor who

This week we pay tribute to the recently departed Paddy Russell and Dudley Simpson by watching one of their episodes. This week we discuss the Fourth Doctor episode The Pyramids Of Mars, and as usual Andrew has the latest news and Ben has a song, which this week is a parody of The Killers’ Jenny…

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Doctor Who: Will The Mummies Return In Series 7: Part 2?

There might just be another classic monster returning in Series 7: Part 2. Today’s Daily Mail claims that the monster in a recently released picture (see below) from episode two, Neil Cross’ The Rings of Akhaten (TBC) is a new incarnation of the robot mummies from Fourth Doctor story Pyramids of Mars. The Mail says: ”Another…

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