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Doctor Who Series 10: ‘A Time For Heroes’ Radio Trailer

A new audio trailer for Series 10 of Doctor Who has been released, featuring Pearl Mackie’s voiceover as new companion Bill Potts from the ‘A Time For Heroes’ TV teaser trailer alongside additional dialogue – some new – from Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor. Listen to the trailer below: Doctor Who returns with Series 10 opener The…

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Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio Radio Trailer

Listeners of BBC Radio have spotted that a new radio trailer has been doing the rounds for The Return of Doctor Mysterio with some new snippets of dialogue from the Christmas Special, and you can now listen to the trailer below: The Return of Doctor Mysterio airs on Christmas Day at 5.45pm on BBC One.

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Doctor Who: The Witch’s Familiar – Radio Trailer

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for The Witch’s Familiar. If you haven’t seen the spoilers revealed in the official images and don’t want to find out, then click away now! A new radio trailer for The Witch’s Familiar has been released, with brand new audio clips from episode two: The Witch’s Familiar airs tomorrow at 7.45pm…

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Doctor Who: Death in Heaven – Radio Trailer

A new radio trailer for the Series 8 finale, Death in Heaven, has been released, with brand new audio clips from the series finale: A transcript of the trailer can be seen below: ”In 24 hours the human race as you know it will cease to exist.” – Missy”The Cybermen are returning.” – Unknown”Happening all…

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Doctor Who: New Radio Trailers For Deep Breath

Two new radio trailers for the feature-length opening episode of Series 8, Deep Breath, have aired on BBC Radio 6 Music. Both trailers feature the highly-anticipated Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and his assistant Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman), and come hot on the heels of Deep Breath’s new television trailer. The first trailer can be heard in the…

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NEW Doctor Who: The Name Of The Doctor Radio Trailer

A new BBC Radio One audio trailer has been broadcast – with a lot more audio than previously provided from the various video based offerings, hence we advise that: THERE ARE POSSIBLE SPOILERS BELOW: Many thanks to Digital Sid of YouTube for the clip. [Source: Digital Sid (YouTube)]

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