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Red Dwarf Cast on Doctor Who Crossover

As well as Doctor Who stars at the Birmingham comic con, there were also other guests, including several cast members from the hit BBC/Dave sitcom Red Dwarf. Some sort of crossover between the two shows has been flirted around before, so I couldn’t help but take the opportunity to speak to the cast and ask…

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Doctor Who: Red Dwarf Star Talks Twelfth Doctor

Another actor has expressed interest in the role of the Twelfth Doctor – this time, it’s Red Dwarf actor Craig Charles. Charles said to site Purple Revolver: “Yeah, having a black Doctor Who would be double cool. To be asked by the Beeb would be great, it’s such a classic show. But I think there would…

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Red Dwarf Crew Discuss A Doctor Who Crossover

There’s a lot of points of similarity between sitcom Red Dwarf and our own beloved Doctor Who. Both were fondly remembered British sci-fi shows before being unfortunately cancelled. Both have gotten a revival. Time will tell on how good Red Dwarf’s Series X proves to be (fingers crossed), but dammit if the idea of a crossover…

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