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New Gallifrey: Time War box set from Big Finish

Gallifrey: Time War Vol. 2

After a set of four stories, Big Finish continue the saga of the Doctor’s home planet and the Great Time War. Set to be released in March of 2019, the box set will pick up after the events of Gallifrey: Time War Volume One, following the characters Romana and Narvin as they witness the gradual…

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Doctor Who: SHADA to hit Australian cinemas

If you’re in Australia this November and you love classic Doctor Who, you’re in luck. The lost Douglas Adams episode of Doctor Who, SHADA will be released in cinemas on November 24th. The recent news of this lost episode being completed and released with animation of missing scenes and voiced by the original cast has had…

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Doctor Who’s Lalla Ward Celebrated In New Book

It has been many years since the on screen journies of Romana and her actress Lalla Ward in Classic Doctor Who, but Time Capsule, a new book released this week seeks to commemorate those legendary adventures. Written by Paul W.T Ballard and released by Fantom Films, the collection has Ward looking back on each story…

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Doctor Who: Big Finish’s “Gallifrey: Intervention Earth” Artwork

Earlier this week, Big Finish released the artwork for their latest audio adventure: Gallifrey: Intervention Earth. Here is a higher-quality version of the cover (be aware; if you hate any kind of spoilers, do not continue): The synopsis for the adventure runs: Times change…Romana is approaching her final term of office, and hopes to leave her…

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Doctor Who – Destiny Of The Doctor 4: Babblesphere (April 2013) Review

AudioGo/Big Finish April 2013 Release Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctors 4 Babblesphere Cast: Lalla Ward (Romana), Roger Parrott (Aurelius) Written by: Jonathan Morris Directed by: John Ainsworth Sound Design and Music by: Steve Foxon Reviewed by Oliver Jenkins for The Gallifrey Times This review may contain spoilers I’m going to start this review with…

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Doctor Who Companion’s Husband Dies

It has been disclosed that Marcus Ringrose, the husband of the late Mary Tamm who played the first Romana opposite Tom Baker’s Doctor, died only hours after her funeral. Tamm was the latest in a series of actors who had played companions to the Doctor to have passed away during the past year or so,…

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