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Segun Akinola talks music in latest DWM

This month’s Doctor Who magazine takes a closer look at the music of Series 11, featuring an exclusive interview with composer Segun Akinola.  The issue also includes: A candid interview with Eric Saward, Doctor Who’s longest-serving script editor. Former showrunner Steven Moffat discusses Eric’s legacy. Robert Allsopp describes his unusual contributions to Doctor Who’s prop and costume departments –…

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Segun Akinola discusses Doctor Who’s new theme song

Series 11 title

The series 11 theme song created by British-Nigerian composer Segun Akinola is a hit with fans. However, what inspired this classic era styling? Akinola recently discussed the details of how he created this exciting new Doctor Who theme song. Getting the Gig Composer Segun Akinola explains that he got a phone call one morning out of…

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Behind the scenes of The Woman Who Fell to Earth

The Woman Who Fell To Earth

Series 11 of Doctor Who has been kept very hush hush. Now after the debut of episode one The Woman Who Fell to Earth fans can finally get a glimpse into everything that went into bringing this new story to life. Series 11 began filming before last Christmas. It’s been months of waiting and eagerly…

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Segun Akinola announced as the new composer for Series 11

Series 11 is bringing lots of change with it, including the departure of the show’s composer since 2005. But while we bid a sad farewell to Murray Gold, we are also excited to welcome the new composer. But who is it? The BBC have announced that Series 11 will be composed by Segun Akinola. A…

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