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Doctor Who 2018 World Cup – Series 4 (2008) – Qualifying Round

Welcome back to the Doctor Who 2018 World Cup! Voting is continuing on the qualifier for Series 3, which you can cast your ballots in here, but it’s time now for the fourth qualifier, Series 4. David Tennant’s final series as the Doctor saw the return of Davros, the near-end of reality, a half-regeneration and a huge…

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Doctor Who: Big Finish To Reunite The Tenth Doctor And Donna

Big Finish has recently announced a slate of new audio adventures including characters from the new series of Doctor Who, including River Song, Strax, and others. Now it has been revealed that the Tenth Doctor and Donna will feature in a series of audio adventures, David Tennant and Catherine Tate reprising their roles. This new…

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Doctor Who 2014 World Cup: Qualifying Rounds – Series 4 (2008)

Apologies for the post delay – we had some technical problems with our poll host and the poll didn’t work correctly. Welcome back to the Doctor Who 2014 World Cup! Last week’s poll saw a runaway victory for a certain episode in the Series 3 qualifying round – and you can check out the latest…

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Doctor Who Series 1-4 Now Available On Netflix

Netflix, the film and TV Programmes on demand firm recently launched in the UK, and we are pleased to announce that 4 series of Doctor Who have been made available to watch online! Compatible devices include PC, Games Consoles, Smart TV’s, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The list of series’ currently available can be seen…

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