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6 Things To Do While Waiting For Doctor Who

As any devout Whovian knows, Doctor Who series 10 has been postponed until 2017, leaving us with only a Christmas Special in 2016. Obviously, we have all been devastated by this. But don’t give up hope! Just because we don’t have a new series to watch does not mean there is nothing else to do.…

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A Reminder About The Gallifrey Times’ Social Networks

A quick reminder as Series 8 is just around the corner – if you’re a regular reader of The Gallifrey Times, there’s now several ways to get the latest Doctor Who news right as it arrives! Our usual social network accounts are listed below, but we’re excited to announce that we are now on Instagram! We already…

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Star In The Doctor Who Title Sequence!

With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who fast approaching, the Social Media Team at BBC Worldwide have created a Facebook app that gives fans a chance to take Matt Smith’s place and have their face and name in the Doctor Who title sequence! A video with details can be seen below: The app can be…

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