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Suzanne says… are we getting a rebooted Classic Who?

With news from Twice upon a Time happening on a regular basis, I’m slowly getting excited about the Christmas special. Because I miss my Doctor Who fix? No. Because it’s Peter Capaldi’s last episode? No. It’s because a bridge is about to be built between two eras. In a previous article, I mentioned the frontier…

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Doctor Who/Star Trek Issue #3 Released

Well, that was a surprise. As the Cyberman and Borg joint fleet give chase to the Enterprise, an unexpected and frankly awesome secret is revealed. You won’t be getting any spoilers out of me, but there’s clearly more to this situation than two nigh-unstoppable armies of flesh and steel going on here. There’s a mid…

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Star Trek/Doctor Who Comic Issue 2 Released

Has it been a month already? Issue #2 of 8 was released today. It was much more focused on the Star Trek than the Doctor Who side, and we finally get to see the Doctor and Captain Picard interact. I can’t wait until it all gets serious and the two of them start working together. Just imagine…

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Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover Comic Released

I don’t know about you but I’ve been looking forward to this for months. Not only is the Eleventh Doctor out to defeat the Cybermen, but Captain Jean-Luc Picard and crew are fighting the Borg. And both of these things are happening together. In one story. Squee. So basically, the Borg and Cybermen have teamed…

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