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Funko launches new Doctor Who PEZ dispensers

With the launch of Series 11 and the new Thirteenth Doctor, we’ve had plenty of new merchandise, with books to read, figures to play with and clothes to wear. But what about when we’re feeling peckish?  Funko and PEZ Candy, Inc. have teamed up to add to their line of PEZ dispensers, including Star Wars,…

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David Tennant explains his iconic sandshoes

Tennant at PaleyFest discussing costume

The tenth Doctor, played by actor David Tennant, charmed his way into the hearts of whovians back in 2005. His iconic suit and ‘sandshoe’ combination graces the corridors of conventions around the world by cosplayers of all ages. The popularity of this costume may be apparent. However, it may surprise fans to know that Tennant…

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Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume 3 to be released in 2019

The Tenth Doctor Adventures Vol 3

After two successful volumes, in which David Tennant reprised his role of the Tenth Doctor alongside Catherine Tate and Billie Piper, Big Finish announced that a third set of audio adventures is in production and is set to come out in spring next year. Not only will David Tennant and Catherine Tate return, but also…

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Big Finish Doctor Who vinyl exclusives

Who doesn’t love the sound of a nice vinyl record playing? Now fans can hear the sounds of Tom Baker, Louise Jameson, David Tennant, Billie Piper and Nicholas Briggs in a whole new way. These Big Finish Doctor Who vinyl exclusives make a great addition to any collection. Cold Vengeance featuring David Tennant as the tenth Doctor…

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Suzanne says…it’s all about changes

The Gallifrey Times has regenerated, and therefore this is the perfect opportunity to think about what “change” means for us, Whovians. Stating the obvious: change is part of a Whovian’s DNA. Change is Doctor Who’s trademark since Patrick Troughton took over William Hartnell’s role. Whovians are used to see changes in Doctor Who, be it…

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BBC America to show every New Who episode ahead of Series 11

“Finally!”, breathed out thousands of fans as the long anticipated release date for the new series has been revealed to be the 7th October.Now BBC America has announced a surprise for US Doctor Who fans. The channel plans to air every episode of the revived series, starting on September 25th for thirteen days right up…

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Big Finish to bring back Donna Noble

Catherine Tate’s character Donna Noble was certainly well received in past Doctor Who Big Finish productions and now she’s back for another go at it in a new Doctor Who audio series.

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Review of Doctor Who Infinity The Lady of the Lake

Doctor Who Infinity The Lady of the Lake

Review by Kitty and Suzanne Tiny Rebel Games has finally released their highly anticipated Doctor Who Infinity game on Steam. The Lady of the Lake is the third story, and first DLC available for purchase and features the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler as they find themselves uncovering what’s behind a recent string of deaths in the wildlife of…

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Suzanne says… From ‘The Waters of Mars’ to water on Mars

I have always enjoyed watching science-fiction shows. Not just because of the new worlds that are created, but mainly because of the science behind the fiction.  By creating storylines set in the future, artists (writers, showrunners, etc.) project themselves in the future and try to describe how it would be like, what kind of technologies…

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